Brook Farm

Brook Farm

Client: Stonewood Partnerships Ltd

  • Location: Great Somerford
  • Architect: Stonewood Design
  • Landscape Architect: LT Studio
  • Status: Completed

Brook Farm provides a high quality residential development that combines thoughtful design with wonderful, panoramic views across the countryside.

The residential development, Brook Farm, was designed with a view to helping rejuvenate the village at a previously redundant site. Whilst helping to create a residential area that makes the most of the surrounding countryside, it was also important to promote the protection of existing ecology and create provision for further biodiversity throughout the site. The proposals formed a sensitive insertion of a tranquil development surrounded by fields that is respectful of the existing properties in the locale.


Landscape proposals focused on the legibility of the site, clear way finding and a hierarchy of high quality shared and private external spaces. The external spaces have been designed to suit the character of the local area and the requirements of the community. The landscape shall be attractive to all users of all ages, the external spaces shall help build mixed, balanced and sustainable communities. The external spaces look to link routes with destinations along desire lines and promote existing and future pedestrian routes.